“I love to meander, be it old markets or city streets, soaking in the culture and vibe. Always with notepad and camera in hand.”

Hello, I’m MaryRose Denton and I live in the Pacific Northwest between mountains and water. I am a traveler, massage therapist, a vegetarian foodie, and mom to two amazing grown-up kids.  I enjoy the mashup of these that life brings and writes about them with insight, humor, and wit.

As a native to the Northwest, I did live, for a short duration, in Canada before returning home to this richly beautiful and diverse area. I enjoy  traveling overseas, exploring and visiting friends in their native homes allowing myself a deeper and richer understanding of human nature.

Writing has always been a part of my life; journaling, personal essays, and more recently blogging and travel writing. As I approached my late 40’s, I knew I needed to begin creating a shift in careers. I have been a massage therapist in the health and wellness industry for almost 30 years. It was time to consider the next path. Marrying my love for travel with my love of writing seemed like the perfect match.

Writing brings me purpose in life and it brings me freedom. Freedom to wander, to explore, to really see people. If my stories, words, or writing touches someone or connects with them, then it has served its purpose.

I am a current member of the International Food, Wine, and Travel Writers Association, the International Association for Professional Writers and Editors, and a Freelance Journalist with TravMedia. I belong to the local chapter of Travel Massive WA, and Media Kitty, I can also be found on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and as a contributing writer on Medium.com.

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