Our writers and photographers come from a diverse set of backgrounds and experiences. They all share a love for travel and faithfully search out each destinations hidden secrets. 



Hi, I am Shelley, editor, travel writer, photojournalist, storyteller, chef, and incurable globetrotter.

“Traveling is much more than just site-seeing. It’s about discovery and experiencing new places, sounds, cultures, cuisines, and libations. Sometimes where you travel to is the main purpose for your visit, but more times than not, it is only part of the experience.”


guest contributor

Hi, I’m Melissa, a freelance travel writer and photographer with a severe case of wanderlust!

I love experiencing a place through the lens of my camera first, then add the words to tell their story.


Betsi and Jim Hill are a dynamic power-house duo who love to write, photograph, and share their travel finds with readers. This couple has been married for 31 years, and work well as a team, whether they are exploring a destination or sailing the high seas onboard their 34’ catamaran, Saltwater Gypsea.

Hi , I’m Robin Dohrn-Simpson

By the time I was out of high school I had been to almost all of the states in the USA. I picked up the last few, and 75 countries being a travel agent and tour operator for 26 years. I’m filled with wanderlust. I always want to see what is around the corner, behind the door, across the ocean. Travel is in my blood. It is my lifeline. It is a part of my soul.



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