Hi, I’m Melissa, a freelance travel writer and photographer with a severe case of wanderlust!

Born in New Hampshire and raised in the tiny state of Rhode Island, my New England roots will always bring me back to my home state despite having lived in the western part of the United States for almost two decades. Armed with my newly acquired BA degree, I ventured off into the non-profit environmental industry, however, the entertainment industry was calling my name. So naturally, I picked up and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in film and television.

Time flies and I have now worked in the industry for over 15 years, on shows such as “The Amazing Race,” “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” “Man vs. Food,” “Eastbound & Down” and “Veep”. Since travel is involved with many of the shows I work on, I have had the opportunity to travel to several locations for extended periods of time to such places as Colorado, NYC, Arizona, Hawaii, Oregon, Maryland, the Carolinas, and Massachusetts. I prefer “working on location” so I can get to the heart and soul of the area.

I absolutely love working in entertainment, but I love traveling even more! I come from a long line of travelers who have explored and roamed this beautiful world of ours. My paternal grandfather traveled extensively throughout Asia, Africa, and Europe in the 1950s & 60s. My great aunt worked as a tour guide in several countries and continents and eventually owned her own travel agency. My dad has traveled frequently on his own as well as for work, to both domestic and overseas locations. My great uncle was a published travel writer who wrote many books and articles throughout his life. I believe there is something innate, something genetic that gives someone wanderlust.

I met my partner while working on “The Amazing Race” show and I am not sure which of us has a larger passion for traveling. It’s a perfect fit. Our family has grown to include a 10- year old boy and a 3-year old girl. Our goal now is to travel with our children as much as possible, both stateside and abroad, in order to expose them to other places, cultures, and experiences.

I truly believe travel is the best way to learn and develop an open mind!

I love experiencing a place through the lens of my camera first, then add the words to tell their story. Together, they are tales of discovery, adventure, and detailed insights about each destination allowing you to experience it as a local does. There are some truly amazing places waiting for you to experience, shall we begin?


Rhode Island – Finding the Ocean State of Mind

Art, culture, and a sublime food scene may not be the things you would think of when Rhode Island is mentioned, but maybe they should. Known mostly for its white sand beaches, Newport mansions and sailing regattas, the state hosts a coastline of over 400 miles despite its small stature, and was aptly given the nickname “The Ocean State.” Nestled in the southeast corner of New England, just under Massachusetts and to the east of Connecticut, the Atlantic’s waves lap against its vast shorelines.  Also not an island, it is connected to the mainland with a series of islands off the coast.

Rhode Island – Finding the Ocean State of Mind

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