Hi , I’m Robin Dohrn-Simpson

By the time I was out of high school I had been to almost all of the states in the USA. I picked up the last few, and 75 countries being a travel agent and tour operator for 26 years. I’m filled with wanderlust. I always want to see what is around the corner, behind the door, across the ocean. Travel is in my blood. It is my lifeline. It is a part of my soul.

I enjoy writing about wine and the wine tourism. If I’m not at my desk writing you’ll find me at a winery chatting it up with the winemaker, tasting their wines and waxing eloquently about the wine.

Believe it or not I also write about food, but I don’t cook. My husband is an amazing home chef. I love to buy different foods and bring them home to cook. He loves the challenge of looking in the refrigerator, finding a variety of ingredients and creating amazing meals. 

I moved to San Diego to find me a surfer boy- and that’s exactly what I did 36 years ago. My husband has been my rock throughout my life. He supports my wanderlust and gladly joins a lot of my trips and has become my photographer.

I was a travel agent and a tour operator for 26 years. When the internet came into our lives in the early 2000s, I lost my career. As I searched for what is next, I realized that I wanted to write about travel. My passion was to show people the cool things in the world, where to go, what to see and do. Now I do this through my writing. 

My next trip is still being debated, maybe southern Spain and Morocco or perhaps, England and cruise the Fjords of Norway. Time will tell.


Much more than a Valentine Stamp

Loveland Colorado

People from around the world send their Valentines here to get the official stamp before being sent on to their loved ones, but residents who live here know it has much more to offer. You always know what direction you’re heading just by looking for the mountains. They’re still west. 

Loveland is set at the foothills to the Rocky Mountains and is anchored by Lake Loveland. I have walked around this lake for years. I even walked to Loveland High School, which is on the north shore of the lake. Yes, we had sailing and water skiing classes on the lake every spring and ski classes in the winter.

Loveland Colorado

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