“Traveling is much more than just site-seeing. It’s about discovery and experiencing new places, sounds, cultures, local cuisines, and libations. Sometimes where you travel to is the main purpose for your visit  but more times than not, it is only part of the experience.” 

Hi, I am Shelley, editor, travel writer, photographer, storyteller, chef, and incurable globetrotter.

It’s a mystery how ones life will take course but I blame my parents for mine. When I was a small child they gave me a shiny new globe for Christmas. That was it, I was hooked. I spent countless hours spinning the globe, discovering new places and daydreaming about the trips I would take.

My first adventure was to a tiny island or Caye off the coast of Belize, Central America. The unspoiled beauty  was astounding, their seafood driven cuisine was incredible, the locals were as curious about us and we were about them, and the warm translucent sea was intoxicating. I wanted more.

My dilemma was, how can I satisfy this explorer part of me at home? Naturally, I dove into cuisines of the world. As a chef, restaurantuer, hotelier, and wine educator, each evening I listened to tales of far off places and traveled the world nightly with culinary delights.

Over the years Thailand, Bali, New Zealand, Mexico, U.S.V.I., and Belize, have been my muses. And of course, California, my home state. 

It’s easy to see that I am attracted to lush scenery, tantalizing bites, and considering that I should have been born a fish, but that’s another story, a playground of bath tub warm water. 

As life progresses, I’ve traded in my chefs knives for the pen. I  now combine my professional skills as a retired Chef/Restauranteur/Hotelier/Wine Educator of over 25 years, with my unquenchable appetite for experiencing new places, cuisines and libations, both near and far and then weave each experience into stories to share with you.

Whether it’s safari tents to five-star hotels, by  planes or boat, or from rooftop lounges to fine cuisine, luxury isn’t about the price, it’s about the experience.

“Whether it’s with words or photographs, I love squeezing stories out of life and onto a page.”

Cheers to our next journey, 




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